VC18 The Reality Tunnel 3 - Where is Tomorrow?

CD in black velveteen bag with collection of artifacts

100 Copies 2016

The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Volume Three, Where is Tomorrow has an even darker theme than its predecessor. Each of the CDs is housed in a unique hand silkscreened cover. To accompany the CD there is a set of divination cards and a full colour A3 poster featuring each of the contributors.

Val Denham - Where is Tomorrow
Ringo's High - Inside Your Head and Underwear
The Womb - Freak Flag Fly
Rat Rios - Eyes Without a Face
Lazerboy - Drag the Fucking Lake
Los Pecadores - Torpedo
Gene - It's Lonely
Paj Pantal - The Birds and The Bees Bush
Neil Turpin - Thinking About the Future in the Past
Frozen Geese - Little Betsy